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About us

Delphi Investment Holdings Ltd (DIH) unites dedicated entities specialised in the fields of private equity, corporate services and research. DIH was founded in 2002 by Gilles Verduron and Giancarlo Cioffi who have known each other and worked together for the past 25 years, since their time as Directors of the American Express Bank and subsequently of Lloyds Bank. They have more than 25 years of traditional investment background and – for the most part of their collaboration – they have made the necessary transition to the alternative asset class in order to effectively respond to investors’ need for a broad de-correlation from equity and bond markets. In fact, in 1997, they had founded Citco Finance with The Citco Group, and they have managed – from their offices in Geneva and Hong Kong – assets in excess of $350 millions on behalf of sophisticated wealthy individuals and institutional investors – in Europe, South East Asia and Japan – through the exclusive usage of selected alternative strategies.

In February 2003, a joint venture was formalised with HB Capital Financial Advisory, Kuwait (HBC), of which they own 40%. HBC provides corporate services and conducts feasibility studies in the whole of GCC on behalf of its clients.


In September 2005 Baffin Strategic Capital Management Ltd (BSCM) was formed – a wholly owned licensed fund’s management company – and launched their first private equity fund. BSCM makes strategic direct investments in private companies in Asia, Sub Continent and Europe.


In November 2006, Delphi Research Asia Co. Ltd, Bangkok (DRA) was formed. DRA is a regional platform that engages in economic and equity research.

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